Library Detail Page for TT

Short Name:TT
Organism:Nicotiana tabacum
Library Name: Normalized cDNA library constructed from 5 different tissues
Total Sequences: 16068 sequences from 16944 clones
Average Sequence Length:637.2 (Standard deviation 127.7)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:Trichomes and senescent leaf
Development Stage:
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:TransforMax EC100
Cloning Kit:
Comments5 different adapter sequences at 5’ end to allow unambiguous assignment of the cDNAs within the library to the tissues they are derived from: Samsun trichome (GAATTCGTGAGCCAGAGGACGAGACAATCGAA) Burley trichome (GAATTCGTGAGCCAGAGGACGAGACAAGAGAA) K326 trichome (GAATTCGTGAGCCAGAGGACGAGACAAATGAA) K326 senescent leaf (1) (GAATTCGTGAGCCAGAGGACGAGACAAAGCAA) K326 senescent leaf (4) (GAATTCGTGAGCCAGAGGACGAGACAACGGAA) Adapter sequence at 3’ end (Not I site) is 5’-GCGGCCGCTCG(dT25)-3’ All clones sequenced 5’to 3’ direction only
AuthorsJones,L., Yang, A.W. and Coates, S.A.
Contact InformationSteve Coates, Advanced Technologies Cambridge, UK